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Car Trimming Company Limited

The Car Trimming Company Ltd (CTC) was formed in 1969 by the present owner Brian Wilks. Since commencement of business CTC has offered a high quality Car Trimming Service (which essentially means refurbishing/replacing the interior finish of motor vehicles including but not limited to seats, other upholstery items, headlinings, steering wheels and other aspects of the interior trim in Leather and other fabrics.)

Whilst fitting of replacement car hoods has always been part of the business, in recent years the CTC has developed into being a significant manufacturer of replacement car hoods in mohair or PVC.  The hoods also vary as to plastic and glass rear windows. The range covers a host of car marques but probably Mazda represents the largest single marque for Hood replacement.

CTC  is a supplier of hoods to a number of resellers and fitting companies throughout the country and internationally

CTC also offers a bespoke re-uphostery service, in leather or fabric to seats and banquettes in boats , restaurants and hairdressers.

The Car Trimming Company – Services



  • Car Trimming –  Motor Trade and private Caindividuals.

  • Car Hoods  –  Motor Trade, Other fitters & resellers and private individuals.

  • Other Upholstery  – Boatbuilders/Refurbishers, Restaurants and  Hairdressers

The Car Trimming Company Ltd

We are the no.1 for car trimming in the United Kingdom. We have number of different services, Car Trimming Company are able to fix all your Seat repair, Door panel, Steering Wheel Re-carpet and much more we have state of the art facility in Romford Essex. 
Other thing we can fix
Lorry, Coaches, Boats, Aeroplanes, Film Set and much more in our portfolio. 

Car Hoods Specialist

At All Hoods Ltd which is a sister company of Car Trimming Company we are no.1 specailist in manufacturing and distribution for the United Kingdom & Rest of the World. 

Other Upholstery

We have the facility to with in our state of the art , we can provide Barber Chairs much more. 

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